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First EP by Gorilla X Monsoon.

Avaible now! on the Xerox Records Big Cartel page
(Limited to 50)

All songs written by Gorilla X Monsoon except where noted.


released February 15, 2014

Gorilla X Monsoon is:
Joshua Emery - Vocals
Tommy Ghiorso - Guitar
Kiefer Peterson - Bass
Khari Cowell - Drums

Andreya Boehm - Vocals on "Fist Through A Wall"

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Miles Claibourn @ Get Up & Go
on 11/9/2013



all rights reserved


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Gorilla X Monsoon Chico, California

GORILLAxMONSOON is a Hardcore band from Chico, California devoted to playing hard and speaking our minds.

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Track Name: Just Another Victim
A taste on your lips you said you don't even like.
You said, "Everyone does it so why shouldn't I?"
It's dull and it's boring it's more of the same.
Why be like them when you can make a positive change?

I'd rather jump of a cliff if it saved a thousand people,
than drown in a bottle for none.
I'd rather be nailed to the X than nailed to regret,
until my life is over and done.

Make a change.
Don't just talk the talk.
Because you might be the next outline drawn in chalk.

Be yourself, you're not a carbon copy.
You don't need a crutch don't just be another body.
Life's not just parties, one day it will hit them.
Don't mess up your life and be just another victim.
Track Name: Nothing More
I guess this is where it ends.
Enemies now were once the best of friends.
Was your friendship all just talk?
I guess you weren't who I thought.
All the motions came by so fast.
Fake friends that never really last.
I guess this is where it stops
Turns out you were all just talk and nothing more.

You're nothing more.

You told me things were different then.
We used to the best of friends.
It turns out you were all just talk and nothing more.
Track Name: Fist Through A Wall
Your egos explode like volcanoes.
Did you ever stop to think before you act?
Did you ever think to learn before you preach?
If you had to deal with yourself you'd understand why I wanna put my fist through a wall.
Track Name: Believe
I was searching down darkened halls.
Insides black like the dead of night.
Blinded by light that I desperately seeked.
Trying to find something right for me.

It's times like these I wanna be set free.
I want to believe.
I'm taking shelter at the lotus feet.
It's my time to believe and I'm never looking back.

Set me free I will not waste my mind.
I'm not wasting time in a backwards world.
Open eyes, I'm sick of being blind.
I've been given a body and wont waste my time.

I want to believe.
I want to be set free.
I wont give up my fight.
Track Name: Paintings
I guess time made your colors fade.
Vibrant portraits that faded to grey.
You put a tombstone to mark your grave.
No second chances when you're done you're done.
This flame still burns without you to spark it.
It's not dead just because you won't acknowledge it.
It's still here and you will never stop it.
And we wont let your false ego haunt it.

We're not worried.
It's not dead.
You used your voice as a weapon but you missed every shot.
Track Name: (Untitled)
I wasn't born yesterday.
I see it in your eyes you're not the same as you were then.
Look in the mirror and I'll show you another friend that changed and not for the better.
You used to be so full of life can you even tell me what happened to you? You let yourself fall.
You're a hollow interpretation of the friend that you used to be and it's a bummer.
Track Name: Pursuit of Happiness
I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired.
Wasting my time on material desires.
I won't let a veil of maya be pulled over my vision.
The way I live my life will be my decision.

I'm done, I wanna be free.
I'm not falling victim to society.
I wont get burned, I don't wanna just exist.
It's my chance for a pursuit of happiness.

Fill your mind with the poison you believe.
You can fool yourself but you wont fool.
What we've got is something better and we know it.
Track Name: Ex-Lion Tamer(Wire Cover)
Look them up.